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FMK Architects was founded in 1991 as a full-service architectural design firm. From the very beginning, our vision has been to create a firm rich in project diversity, design innovation, and integrity. Over the years, two words have defined our approach to the profession - craft and solutions.



We view architectural design as a craft - both the act of performing the task and the ultimate design result. Respect for thoughtful design, the nuances of building materials, and meaningful details are the heart and soul of our profession.


The architectural design process is a problem-solving endeavor. Providing solutions for our clients that exceed their expectations is our firm's passion.


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A Team with Solutions.

Word of Mouth.

FMK is a top design partner we enjoy working with each and every time. These folks understand how to be team players and do a great job giving us the details we need to successfully construct each project. When there are challenges, they take the time to get involved and help solve the problems in a timely manner, with strong regard to financial stewardship for all parties involved. We highly recommend FMK every chance we get!
— Marcus Rabun, CEO, Myers-Chapman
FMK is our go-to firm in the [Carolinas] region, without hesitation. They consistently deliver quality services in a timely manner. They feel like an extension of our office and we are proud to work with them as we develop quality properties for our healthcare system partners.
— Greg Smith, Vice President & Senior Project Manager, Healthcare Realty
I have worked closely with FMK Architects over the past 5+ years on various projects in the Carolinas region. The FMK team has been outstanding to work with and has provided our company with value-added design and project management assistance. FMK provides detailed insight from conceptual drawings all the way through a certificate of occupancy. They always put the client’s needs first, but do not hesitate to politely disagree with owner designs that may not be financially feasible or functionally possible. Our working relationships with both [managing principals] Jon and Mark have been delightful! I would recommend FMK to anyone seeking a finely-tuned architectural firm that will vitally enhance any project an owner or developer might be considering.
— John Allen, President, Kuester Development Associates, Inc.
FMK’s greatest asset, besides its people, is the firm’s flexibility and diversity. While they are experts in many project types, they have an extremely broad range of abilities that allow them to quickly adapt.
— David Sidbury, The Tides
We have been fortunate to work with FMK and their team over the past 3 years in Charlotte. Thanks to their expertise, we have been able to build a very successful part of our business model by building townhomes around Charlotte. I am certain we could not have accomplished this without their professionalism, support, and guidance. I would definitely recommend FMK to any firm seeking a great design team partner!
— Mark Gibbs, Division President, David Weekley Homes

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